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Events Calendar added to website - see link in left margin.
The picture section of the website has been updated to reflect the latest arrivals and withdrawals.  In addition, "Next" and "Previous" links have been added to the picture pages to provide the facility to scroll through each section.
New are 101-104 (DA/DB/DC/DD10 ELD), Scania K310UD with Caetano H53/27D bodywork (picture) 31/2 (DE/DF10 ELD) Scania K340EB with Irizar PB C49Ft bodies (picture), and 33/4 (DG/DH10 ELD) Scania K340EB with Van Hool Alizee C47FLt (picture).  These latter have 2 less seats than the previous deliveries to allow for the wheelchair lift.  See also the earlier picture taken immediately after delivery.

Withdrawn as a consequence are the previous 101-104 (W101-4 RKN) Auwärter Neoplan N4026/3 with Auwärter Centroliner H59/33D bodies dating from 2000, 6 (P6 ELD) a 1997 Scania K113CRB30 with Van Hool Alizee C47Ft body, 13/4 (W13/4 ELD) Scania K124IB with Plaxton Premiere C49Ft bodies dating from 2000, and 21 (X21 VKN) Scania L94IB with Plaxton Prima C47F body, also from 2000.

Also withdrawn is E 12 (M874 NOL), a Mercedes 814D with Plaxton Beaver body dating from 1995 and acquired in 2001 for use as a van by the Engineering Dept.
January 2010 A new van for the maintenance team is E 17 (DJ59 AXH). a Mercedes 416CDI with Sprinter Van body (picture).  A new recovery vehicle received last May, but not reported previously, is E 16 (DK09 FLR), a Scania R560CB6X4ENB (picture). Note that the recovery vehicles are used primarily for Eldorado's commercial recovery business, and are very rarely required for internal use!

Four new double deckers are due for delivery during February, ready to enter service on 1st March, to replace the four Neoplan Centroliners, which by then will have completed 10 years service.  The new vehicles will cause as much of a stir as the Neoplans did (though the chassis manufacturer might be less of a surprise!), so watch this space!

Also due are two Scania/Irizar PBs for use on the tours & holidays, and two Scania/Van Hools with wheelchair access for use on the X-series of services.
December 2009 130 (H276 EUD), a 1991 Scania K93 with 92-seat East Lancs body, acquired from Padbus in 2000 (picture), has been withdrawn.
June 2009 Whilst activity on the Eldorado front has been limited, I have written a book about Johnsons, Henley-in-Arden.  Click for full details.
January 2009 New are 109-111 (DA58 CDX-CDZ), Scania N230UD with Optare (ex East Lancs) OmniDekka H45/32F bodies (picture).  As a consequence, Olympians 125/6 (H125 AKN/J126/CKN) with Alexander bodies, and 135 (H735 DDL) with Leyland body, have been withdrawn.  All date from 1991, though 135 was acquired secondhand in 1995.  These were the last bus seated Olympians in stage service.  Open top 136 and coach seated 60 remain in use.

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