Eldorado News Archive

August 2005
A surprising secondhand acquisition is 105 (A5 ELD), an ex Hong Kong Scania K94UB6X2/4 with Volgren H59/31D bodywork, built in 2000 - picture.  The previous 105, Dennis Trident DA02 PMJ was originally withdrawn pending sale, but has now been renumbered 134 and re-instated.
May 2005
New arrivals are 211-3 (DC05 FXJ/K/L) Scania CN94UB/Scania OmniCity B42F, and 107/8 (DC05 FXM/N) Scania N94UD/East Lancs OmniDekka H45/33F - picture.

Acquired is 148 (N398 TFV), a 1995 Scania N113DRB56 / East Lancs H53/35F, ex-United (Fylde) - picture.

Withdrawn as a consequence are 262-4 (K262/3 BKN, J264 EKN) Leyland Lynx LX2R11C15Z4S / Leyland B51F dating from 1993, and the last Lynxes in the fleet; 124 (F124 OKN), a 1988 Leyland Olympian ONCL10/1R / Alexander `R' H47/33F; 150 (E50 OPR), 1988 MCW Metrobus DR102/63 / Metro-Cammell H45/31F and 154 (G154 AKN) MCW Metrobus DR102/72 / Metro-Cammell H43/30F built in 1990.

October 2004 A second ex-PHM Bova has been acquired from Arden Forest.  62 (PH02 CDW) is a FHD12.370 with Futura C49Ft body, twin sister to 63 acquired in September 2003.
September 2004 New is Eldorado's first Scania Omnidekka.  106 (DD54 TLN) is a N94UD with East Lancs H45/27D bodywork - picture.

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May 2004 New: 1/3 (DA04 ELD/DB04 ELD) Scania K124IB / Irizar Century 12.37. 1 is an executive C32Ft, 3 is C49Ft - picture.

Withdrawn are the former 1 (A1 ELD) Scania K113CRB30 / Plaxton Paramount 3500/3 C47Ft, and 33 (333 ELD) Leyland Tiger TR2R56C16Z4R / Plaxton Paramount 3500/3 C49Ft.

February 2004 Yet another second-hand Metrobus is somewhat different to all the others.  It is an ex-CMB (Hong Kong) three axle version and has been converted to open top.  It carries fleet number 141 and has been given the registration 3041 EM, last used by a Plaxton bodied Scania withdrawn 4 years ago! - picture.

Ex-PHM Bova has been repainted in fleet livery, after operating for several months in its former livery with Eldorado fleetnames and lettering - picture.

Withdrawn is 35 (350 ELD) Leyland Tiger / Plaxton Paramount 3500/2 C49Ft.

December 2003

Eldorado is pleased to announce the delivery of its first two Scania OmniCities - 209/10 (DE53 GYB/C), Scania CN94UBs with B42F bodies - picture.

Withdrawn are 248 (G248 AKN) Leyland Tiger / Plaxton Derwent 2 and 249 (A9 ELD) Leyland Lynx.

September 2003 Acquired 63 (PH02 CDV) Bova FHD12.370 with Futura C49Ft body, ex-PHM, Coventry.
June/July 2002 New 207/8 (DC02 RHY/Z), further Scania L94UBs with Wright Axcess Floline B44F bodies.  Secondhand acquisitions are yet more late model MCW Metrobuses, 154/5 (G154/5 AKN).  154 is in Golden Jubilee livery.

Withdrawn are Lynxes 228/250 (H228 XKN/A10 ELD) and Olympians 122/3 (A122 TKN/D123 GKN).

May 2002 New deliveries are a Scania Irizar Century 2 (DB02 ELD) - Picture - and 105 (DA02 PMJ) a Dennis Trident / Alexander ALX400.
March 2002 A new Scania recovery vehicle is delivered - Picture .  E13 (DA02 BNX) is a 6-wheel Scania R144 which joins Mercedes E11 in the Engineering Department.  Eldorado runs a commercial vehicle recovery service with these vehicles as well as using them for the fleet, where cut down Leopard E8 is still the main towing vehicle.

Withdrawn: 63 (A3 ELD), 1989 Scania K113TRB / Plaxton Paramount 4000/3 CH53/24Ct, sold to Quicksilver Group (09/03/02).

January 2002 Over the winter months, the restoration of 221 (ARY 221K), a former Leicester Metro-Scania has been completed. - Picture .

Originally dual-door, the single-door conversion had been done by a previous owner.  It is possible that Eldorado will convert it back to dual-door at some stage in the future.  221 will not be used in service, but will be available for private hire and will be exhibited at rallies.

May 2001 New are 203-6 (Y203-6 AKN), further Scania L94UBs with Wright Axcess Floline B44F bodies.
October 2000

The Atlantean Story

Atlantean/Northern Counties 118/9 (KKN 118/9X), the last Leyland Atlanteans in the fleet, were withdrawn in October 2000, bringing 40 years of Atlantean operation to an end.

For the record, the Eldorado Leyland Atlanteans over the years have numbered 32 in total, with 26 bought new, 4 secondhand, and 2 acquired with takeovers. There have been:

  • 17 PDR1's, with bodywork by Alexander (3), ECW (1), Metro-Cammell (4), Northern Counties (5) and, Park Royal (4),
  • 3 PDR2's, bodied by Roe,
  • 12 AN68's, bodied by Roe (2) and Northern Counties "Standards" (10).

The Atlantean fleet peaked in 1985, when this make accounted for 82% of the double deck fleet (23 out of 28).