Eldorado News


A new coach is 13 (YL19 ELD), another Scania K410EB6 with Higer Touring C59Ft body similar to the one delivered at the same time last year (Photo (of No12)).

In a move to avoid having to hire in specialist cranes for certain heavy recovery incidents, the following have been acquired as a result of the closure of a recovery company in the North East of England:
E 24 (ND09 REC), a 2009 Liebherr LTM 1400-7.1; E 25 (NH62 REC), a 2012 Scania P340CB6x4EHB / Liebherr LTF 1035-3.1; E 26 (ND63 REC) Ford Transit LWB Transit Van and E 27 (NA13 REC) Ford Transit SWB Transit Van equipped as escort vehicles, both dating from 2013 (Photo).


316 (DC14 RSD) is a further Renault Trafic minibus with wheelchair ramp, whilst E23 (DF63 SYH) is a similar van for the Engineering Dept.  Both date from 2014.

New vehicles acquired specifically to convert route X16 (Kirton to Manchester via Ringway Airport) to double deck operation, are 124/5 (YR68 PPH/J), Scania N280UD / ADL Enviro 400MMC H43/26F (Home Page Photo).

Vehicles withdrawn are 106 (DD54 TLN), a 2004 Scania N94UD / East Lancs OmniDekka H45/29D, and 207/8 (DC02 RHY/Z), Scania L94UB / Wright Axcess Floline B44F dating from 2002.

New are 14/5 (YM/YN68 ELD), Scania K360IBs with Marcopolo Audace C45FLt bodywork.
Second-hand additions for the private hire fleet are 46/7 (YS62YZM/N) Scania K360EB / Irizar PB 12-3.5 C49FLt. The wheelchair lifts were fitted after acquisition and before repainting into Eldorado livery. Note that if the wheelchair lift needs to be deployed, this necessitates the removal of two pairs of seats on the nearside, so that these become 45-seaters. A third pair can be removed to allow two wheelchairs to be carried.

Another unusual acquisition for the recovery fleet is E22 (UWY332V), an ex-RAF Carmichael Commando 6x4 with Gloster Saro TACR2 body dating from 1980.  It originally had an RAF registration. The rear of the bodywork has been slightly modified by the removal of the specialist fire-fighting gear to facilitate the carrying of the necessary tools and equipment for its role as a recovery assistance vehicle.

Withdrawn are 3 (DB04ELD), a Scania K124EB / Irizar Century 12.37 C49Ft, 15 (W15ELD) Scania K124IB / Plaxton Premiere C47Ft, and 105 (A5ELD), a Scania K94UB6X2/4 / Volgren H59/31D, built in 2000 and acquired in 2005, which was taken out of service on its return from assisting Crossways at the Cheltenham Festival.


A new arrival is 12 (YO18 ELD), a 13.7m Scania Touring, or to give it itís full description, a Scania K410EB6 with Higer C59Ft body (Photo).

A second-hand acquisition for the Recovery side of the business is E14, a 2004 Scania T164GA6X4R580 tractor unit (Photo). It was acquired unregistered, as it carried a cherished plate which its previous owner has retained, and has been given the registration W14 ELD, previously carried by coach 14, a Plaxton bodied K124 withdrawn in 2010. Although intended as a working vehicle, it has been restored to a high standard and will appear at shows and rallies too.


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