Scania Saga

After the long association with Leyland was brought to an enforced end, Eldorado had to re-think its vehicle policy.  By chance, a secondhand Plaxton bodied Scania coach (231 - 3041 EM, later renumbered 2 - A2 ELD) had been acquired in early 1992, and this had been well liked, particularly by the drivers. 

This quickly led to an order, surprisingly not for coaches, but for no less than eight service buses, all with Alexander bodies, a supplier not used since a pair of "Y" type bodied Leopards were delivered in 1981.  They comprised five N113 and two K93 single deckers, all with "PS" type bodies, ...
.... and a single N113 double decker with "R" type body. 

These were followed by the first new Scania coach, a K113 bodied by Jonckheere, another make new to Eldorado, which so far remains unique, ...
... and a further pair of N113s, this time with Plaxton Verde bodywork, in 1994.

The original bodied N113 double decker was supplemented by a further four, with Eldorado returning to Northern Counties for the bodies - two in 1997 were 10.5m Palatine I's, and two in 1999 were more normal 9.5m long Palatine II's.  Other unusual secondhand additions, in 1999-2000, were an 11-metre K93 double decker, with East Lancs 92-seat bodywork acquired secondhand from Padbus, plus a pair of three axle K113's with Plaxton Paramount 4000 coach bodies.

In 2000, however, in response to criticism from the local council, ably assisted by our noble British press, the company succumbed to the need to supply low floor vehicles.  These materialised as a pair of Wright bodied Scania L94's, which introduced a new make of bodywork to the fleet, and were followed in 2001 by four more, and again by another pair in 2002.

On the coaching front, a secondhand K93 with Duple 320 coachwork, had been acquired, followed by another Plaxton bodied K113.  In 1997 a solitary Scania K113 was purchased, with Van Hool bodywork to a high specification, and in 1998 came a total of eight new Scanias, six bodied by Van Hool, including a 10-metre 37 seater, an executive 25-seater, and four normal 47-seaters with toilets, the remaining pair, one of which was the three-axle variety, having Irizar Century bodywork

Two years later, a further five were added, this time with Plaxton bodies - 3 Premieres and 2 Excaliburs.  These were followed by another with Plaxton bodywork, this time with the rather more unusual Prima bodywork.  More recently, further Irizar Century three-axle K124's have been purchased, and a pair of OmniCities. 

The first East Lancs bodied OmniDekka arrived in 2004, and the following year was joined by two more and a further three OmniCities, plus a rather unusual secondhand acquisition, namely an ex-Hong Kong Scania K94 with Volgren bodywork.

Photos of many of these newer deliveries can be seen under "Pictures" in the menu on the left, and so are not included here.