The word Oddballs may be a shade unkind for some of the vehicles included here, but this page is a tribute to some of the one-offs that have graced the Eldorado fleet over the years.

This 1976 Alexander "M" bodied Leyland Leopard remained the only example of this style of bodywork, and was the only 12-metre Leopard to be purchased new (two secondhand ones, with Plaxton bodies, were acquired in 1993).
This ECW bodied Bristol VRT was bought new in 1970, and lasted till 1981 before being withdrawn.  It remains the only VRT ever owned.
This Mk 1 Metrobus was bought in 1981 as a trial of second generation rear-engined double deckers.  Although it remained a one-off, it was not prematurely withdrawn, but led a full service life before being withdrawn in 2000.
This Bristol VRLLH with ECW double deck coach bodywork was originally with Standerwick, and was acquired from National Travel (West) in 1980.  It served Eldorado for a full eleven years before being withdrawn in 1991.
Potentially the pioneer of the second generation double decker, this 1982 Leyland Titan also remained a one-off, thanks to all the disruption within the Leyland organisation.  Eldorado still managed to get 18 years' service from it before it was withdrawn in 2000.
This Alexander bodied Leyland Olympian was bought new in 1991, and although it uses the standard bus exterior, the interior has full luxury coach fittings.  As can be seen, the rear of the lower deck is equipped for carrying luggage rather than passengers.  It was re-numbered 60 in 1998, and withdrawn in 2013 after nearly 22 years' service..
This is one of a pair of Bristol FLF6Bs that were acquired from United, and painted in white, specifically targeted at the wedding hire market.  They both count as one-offs because one (133, shown here), was converted to open top, while the other (132) retained its roof. Renumbered 152 (133) and 151 (132) in 2017.
In the mid 1990's, the coaching stock was in turmoil (see History), and this DAF, with Plaxton Paramount III bodywork was acquired in early 1995.  It ran in dealer white, with Eldorado vinyls, for a mere 4 months before being withdrawn and sold.
Later that same year, this Quest VM, with somewhat earlier Plaxton bodywork, ran in it's former owners colours, again with Eldorado vinyls, but again lasted only 4 months before being withdrawn and sold.